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Are you seeking a holistic approach to address your health concerns? Consider exploring the ancient practice of Auricular Acupuncture.

What is Auricular Acupuncture in Clifton?

Auricular Acupuncture in Clifton

Auricular therapy or Ear Acupuncture was developed in China over 2000 years ago. Auricular therapy is a microsystem that connects to Macro-Acupuncture meridian channels. There is body correspondence between the ear points and the whole-body system. It is a projection of an upside-down fetus through the ear.

Additional ear points were discovered through extensive research by European physicians and scientists and published through the years. Auricular stimulation has its roots in European and Western Medicine. The treatment of the ears auricle has been available as a treatment in the USA since the early 1970’s. The founder of the system Dr. Paul Nogier published his comprehensive system of diagnosis and treatment in 1957 after years of careful observation relating ear points of reduced electrical resistance or conversely high electrical conductivity. There is a prevailing system used in Europe popularized by Dr. Bahr of German Academy and Paul Nouguier. Marina Doktorman was fortunate to have personally studied at conferences with Dr. Bahr in Vancouver, Canada and with Paul Nogier, Dr.  Ralph Nogier, MD (France) in Maryland, USA.

Auricular stimulation on the skin of the ear (skin is part of the central nervous system (CNS) has been found to raise blood serum levels of endogenous neurotransmitters, endorphins, and enkephalins. These endogenous substances are found in the brain where opiate receptors have been found. The endorphins have a scientifically verifiable role in the pain relieving effects of acupuncture. 

As part of his examination of the neurophysiological basis of auriculotherapy, Paul Nogier (1983) proposed that nervous system innervations of the external ear correspond to the three primary types of tissue found in the developing embryo. Nogier theorized that the distribution of the three cranial nerves which supply different auricular regions is related to their embryological functions, the ectoderm, mesoderm, and endoderm. Most health disorders are related to disturbances in all three functional layers:

Auricular Acupuncture Clifton
  • The Endodermal tissue: The endoderm becomes the gastrointestinal digestive tract, the respiratory system and abdominal organs such as the liver, pancreas, urethral and bladder. This portion of the embryo also generates parts of the endocrine system, including the thyroid gland, parathyroid gland and thymus gland. Deep embryological tissue is represented in the concha, the central valley of the ear. Stimulating this area of the ear affects metabolic activities and nutritive disorders of the internal organs that originate from the endoderm layer of the embryo. 
  • Mesodermal tissue: The mesoderm becomes skeletal muscles, cardiac muscles, smooth muscles, connective tissue, joints, bones, blood cells from bone marrow, the circulatory system, the lymphatic system, the adrenal cortex and urogenital organs. Mobilization of body defense mechanisms is only possible if the region of the middle layer is working normally. 
  • Ectodermal tissue: The surface layer originates from the ectoderm of the embryo. The ectoderm becomes the outer skin, cornea, eye lens, nose epithelium, teeth, peripheral nerves, spinal cord, brain and the endocrine glands of the pituitary, pineal and adrenal medulla. This embryological tissue is represented on the ear lobe and helix tail. This layer integrates inborn instinctive information with individual learned experiences.
Auricular Acupuncture in NJ

Features of Ear Acupuncture at Pulse Acupuncture in Clifton, NJ

Ear pressure points detected through PointSelect Pro. A beeping sound will indicate that the point has been active. A needle is inserted at the point for stimulation. PointSelect can be used instead of a needle for the treatment. Additionally, ear seeds are often placed after the treatment as part of self-care.

At Pulse Acupuncture, alongside treatments like electroacupuncture in Clifton auricular acupuncture is performed as part of a diagnostic method that finds disharmonies through ear examination. The ear is observed for any discolorations that would indicate internal organ pathology. The ear is also palpated to determine heightened tenderness. Sensory nerve sensation is represented on the anterior surface of the ear. Motor nerve muscle tension is represented on the posterior surface of the ear. A dermal point locator, the PointSelect Pro, is utilized to determine electrical skin resistance. Dr. Bahr developed frequencies of stimulation and detection of points.

Auricular Acupuncture New Jersey

What are the benefits of Auriculotherapy?

Auriculotherapy benefits include:

  • Reduces inflammation
  • Weight Loss/appetite control
  • Stops Addictions 
  • Smoking cessation
  • Treats Infertility
  • Reduces Anxiety/depression
  • Helps with Insomnia
  • Reduces Muscle spasms
  • Thermoregulation
  • Reestablishes sleeping-walking rhythm
  • Regulates blood pressure
  • Regulates  respiration
  • Eliminates seasonal allergies
  • Restores Sexual function
  • Regulates excessive Perspiration
Acupuncture auricular Clifton

What are potential side effects of Auriculotherapy?

Auriculotherapy side effects:

  1. Pain or discomfort. Some people may experience mild to moderate pain or discomfort at the site of the insertion. This usually fades quickly. 
  2. Bleeding, bruising or infection: As with any form of acupuncture, there is a small risk of bleeding, bruising or infection at the site of the insertion. That being said, auricular acupuncture needles are typically sterile, and there are precautions to reduce the risk of infection.
  3. Dizziness or fainting: Some people may experience lightheadedness, dizziness or fainting during or after auricular acupuncture. This is more common among individuals who are prone to these symptoms or who have low blood pressure.

Auricular Acupuncture at Pulse Acupuncture in Clifton, NJ

Auricular Acupuncture at Pulse Acupuncture in Clifton is a safe and painless treatment option for Allergy Relief. Marina Doktorman performs one-needle treatment for the most effective seasonal or environmental allergy symptoms. Acupuncture on ear is based on TCM and European acupuncture ear charts.

Auriculotherapy in Clifton

What conditions can you treat with Acupuncture at Pulse Acupuncture in Clifton?

The World Health Organization currently lists a variety of diseases, symptoms of diseases, or conditions that benefit through treatment from acupuncture. These include:

Pain management

Digestive Symptoms

Women/Men Health

  • Hormonal imbalance
  • PCOS
  • UTIs
  • Frequent urination
  • PMS
  • Infertility
  • Erectile Dysfunction

Pregnancy Support

  • Miscarriage prevention
  • Nausea
  • Baby health


  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Trauma Healing
  • Insomnia



  • Acne
  • Eczema
  • Dermatitis
  • Psoriasis
  • Lichen Sclerosis
  • Herpes


  • Cancer support
  • Weight loss
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Detox
  • Tinnitus
  • Long Covid 19 symptoms
Marina Doktorman
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About the Practitioner

Marina Doktorman was born in Ukraine and immigrated to United States at the age of 15. She received her B.A. degree in Psychology from Long Island University, Brooklyn, NY in 1997. Marina Doktorman, L.Ac, Dipl.Ac., is a nationally board certified acupuncturist since 2001 and licensed in NY and NJ states. She first worked in NYC in a multi-specialty clinic before establishing her private practice in 2005, in Clifton, NJ.

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Auricular Acupuncture Testimonials in Clifton

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Raymond MullerRaymond Muller
18:56 20 Aug 23
Marina/ Pulse Acupuncture has been a tremendous help before my spinal surgery - and after my surgery -Marina greatly assisted me during my painful days before my knee replacement surgery. Her care has been a huge boost to my quality of life. She is a dedicated and caring acupuncturist with amazing fondness for all her patients. Her care has made a tremendous difference within my entire quality of life .
Soloman McDermottSoloman McDermott
19:34 24 Jul 23
Dear Dr.Marina Doktorman,I hope this message finds you well! I am writing to express my deepest gratitude for the incredible impact your acupuncture sessions have had on my life. Your expertise and care have helped me find relief and healing in ways I never thought possible.When I first sought acupuncture, I was struggling with a combination of issues that affected my overall well-being. Chronic back pain was causing constant discomfort, and my restless nights were dominated by persistent night sweats. Additionally, I was battling frustrating skin issues that seemed to resist all other forms of treatment.From the very first session, I knew I was in good hands. Your thorough understanding of my concerns and willingness to explain the acupuncture process put me at ease. The ambiance of your clinic created a serene and comforting space, setting the tone for a transformative healing journey.What amazed me most was the efficacy of acupuncture in addressing my various health challenges. The impact on my sleep was nothing short of miraculous. After a few sessions, I began experiencing deep, uninterrupted sleep, waking up refreshed and energized—a change I had been longing for, but never found through other methods.Furthermore, the improvement in my skin condition was remarkable. Acupuncture seemed to trigger a healing response, and gradually, my skin issues started to fade away. I couldn't believe the visible transformation, and it did wonders for my self-confidence.As for the night sweats and back pain, they became less frequent and intense with each session. Your targeted approach and skillful needle placement directly addressed the root causes of my discomfort, providing much-needed relief and easing the burdens I had carried for far too long.I cannot stress enough how appreciative I am for the positive impact you've had on my life. Your dedication to helping your patients achieve better health and well-being is truly commendable. I wholeheartedly recommend your services to anyone seeking holistic and effective solutions to their health issues.Once again, thank you for your expertise, kindness, and genuine care. You have not only been my acupuncturist but also a catalyst for transformative change in my life. I am forever grateful for the healing journey we embarked on together.Thank you Dr. Marina Doktorman! Special shoutout to Olga for being so welcoming!
Vanessa PVanessa P
20:46 21 Jul 23
Marina is amazing! She truly understands what she’s doing and how to help. I had terrible back pain and sciatica when I was pregnant to the point that I wasn’t sleeping at night. She was able to provide me relief. I felt like a new person walking out of her office.
Jose CastroJose Castro
16:34 21 Jul 23
Today I try the new machine which make me feel into a deep sleep... it was so relaxing!! I felt like my inner soul was moving up and down while I felt rejuvenate.. I recommend this type of treatment if you feel tired, tense, stress, and/or low in energy. You need to experience yourselves 🫶🏻
james zhangjames zhang
00:43 19 Jul 23
Dr. Marina is so professional and gentle. My back pain got a lot better after treatments. It’s so relaxed and pleasure of visiting Pulse Acupuncture. Perfect experience:)
t lauriet laurie
10:38 18 Jul 23
Marina is an amazing acupuncturist she is very knowledgeable listens to your needs and provide excellent services. I always feel great after a treatment. Overall it is a clean, cozy and great place that offers top of the line services.
Teresa LaurieTeresa Laurie
10:03 18 Jul 23
Marina is an amazing acupuncturist she is very knowledgeable and provide excellent services. I always feel great after being treated. Overall it is a clean and comfortable place that offers great services.
E M (E)E M (E)
01:29 30 Jun 23
M.D., the acupuncturist is one of a kind! I’ve been to several people and she is outstanding. She’s kind, thorough, professional and never makes you feel hurried. Her technique is wonderful and effective. She talks to you & explains carefully what she is looking to achieve. She doesn’t mind going the extra mile to assist you with your issue. I also appreciate that she is always professionally developing her craft. She is constantly learning new methods & techniques that she studies, sometimes here, sometimes abroad. I highly recommend Marina Doctorman as a first class acupuncturist, plus!! E.M.
Sergiy GusakSergiy Gusak
11:15 25 Jun 23
Dr. Marina helps me with my neck pain, she is a very professional acupuncture specialist who will pay attention to all your health complaints. It was my first experience with acupuncture and i was a little skeptical from the beginning but now definitely can recommend it.
16:08 20 Jun 23
I recently had the pleasure of visiting Pulse Acupuncture, and I have to say, it was absolutely amazing! Marina, the acupuncturist, is simply fantastic at what she does. She has a great sense of intuition and really takes her time to provide the best treatment possible.Marina's skills in acupuncture are exceptional. She genuinely listens to your concerns and customizes the sessions to address your specific needs. Her gentle and precise technique ensures a comfortable experience, and the results are remarkable. I felt the positive effects almost instantly, and I have been regularly visiting to maintain my overall health.The team at Pulse Acupuncture are professional, friendly, and create a welcoming atmosphere. From the moment I stepped in, I was greeted with a warm smile and made to feel right at home. They are knowledgeable and always ready to answer any questions I have. The office itself is a peaceful and serene space, which adds to the overall relaxation and healing experience.I can't recommend Pulse Acupuncture enough. Marina's expertise, combined with the welcoming and caring staff, guarantees an outstanding experience. I am truly grateful for the positive impact Marina has had on my health, and I will continue to have regular sessions to maintain my well-being. Thank you, Pulse Acupuncture, for providing such exceptional service!
Cecilia McClendonCecilia McClendon
14:39 20 Jun 23
Marina, takes great care of my aches, shevoffers cupping and Accupuncture that provide me with tremendous relief. My only place for alternative medicine. Strongly suggest her practice. She is gentle, thorough and highly qualified. She checks everything and gets me in line. Keeping my Chakra perfect.
14:36 02 Jun 23
Dr. Marina is the best because she listens. She has helped me with my bell's palsy, my shoulder which has 3 tears in it, and my knees. I thank her every visit for keeping me upright. Lol.
Dolly CovarrubiasDolly Covarrubias
20:43 21 Apr 23
Great experience!Dr Marina makes me feel so relaxed and my pain is gone.My knees, my back thank her too.I can live with no meds
Alvaro CovarrubiasAlvaro Covarrubias
18:59 21 Apr 23
I've had gteat experience with Acupuncture at Pulse Acupuncture since I've been coming here with various problems such as anxiety, sciatica, neck, allergies and muscle aches and headaches. My health has improved after treatments greatly! It's helping with my allergies tremendously. I would like to recommend Pukse Acupuncture and Marina Doktorman to anybody because it works and it's natural.
Excel AlwaysExcel Always
14:54 19 Jan 23
This place is awesome! Such a relaxing experience. Marina addresses all my concerns and always makes me feel comfortable. The treatments I received here have solved several of my health issues in just a few sessions after years of OTC medication. I would definitely recommend Pulse for serious health concerns and even if you just want some stress relief or add a new beauty treatment to your regimen! A+ for Marina Doktorman.
Alyssa CohenAlyssa Cohen
01:09 17 Jan 23
Receiving treatments with Marina has been amazing! She is very attentive and intuitive - and the atmosphere is calm, inviting, and relaxing. I walk away from every visit feeling like I just left the spa even though it was more an investment into my health.
Gerri GucciardoGerri Gucciardo
14:54 13 Jan 23
I really enjoy my visits with Marina.The acupuncture has helped with my acid reflux. She also does the hot rocks and cupping that has helped me immensely.
Kevon WrightKevon Wright
01:06 11 Jan 23
Marina is amazing, she listens to the issues you tell her and she is able to apply proper treatment, i have been going there for several months and honestly since i have been going to her all of my issues has been resolved she is by far the best and would highly recommend everyone to her really nice staff and a clean and tranquil setting you will not be dissapointed.
05:20 03 Dec 20
I was a patient of Marina Doktorma for about two weeks (October/November 2020), receiving acupuncture treatments for lower back and knee pain. Marina is a true professional. Before beginning each treatment, she explained the treatment options and made sure that I was well informed and comfortable before beginning. She was very gentle as she administered the treatments, (I feel asleep a few times) communicating with me throughout the process. In addition to the premise being very clean, relaxing music made for a very calming experience. Without hesitation, I would return for future treatments if the pain returns. Kenny.
Haifa ZahroonHaifa Zahroon
01:24 10 Mar 20
I have been seeing Marina for more than 6 years, she is an amazing Acupuncturist. She study and give every case special attention.I have tried other acupuncturist before but no one measured to Marina.She got me through back and neck unbearable pain and forever I’m grateful.I do recommend everyone to go and see for themselves how amazing her techniques.

Auricular Acupuncture in Clifton - FAQ

Auricular Acupuncture, also known as ear acupuncture, is a type of acupuncture that involves inserting needles at specific points on the ear. The ear is viewed as a microsystem of the entire body, meaning each part corresponds to a different organ or system. By stimulating these points, practitioners aim to treat a variety of health conditions and promote overall well-being.
Practitioners of Auricular Acupuncture believe that the ear is a microsystem representing the entire body. Specific points on the ear correspond to different body parts or systems. By stimulating these points with fine needles, the body’s Qi, or life energy, is rebalanced, promoting healing and well-being. From a Western medical perspective, the ear has a rich nerve supply, and stimulating these nerves can have a range of effects, including pain relief and relaxation.
The number of Auricular Acupuncture sessions required depends on the individual and the condition being treated. Some people may notice improvement after one or two treatments, while chronic or complex conditions may require a series of treatments over weeks or months. Your acupuncturist will assess your condition and discuss a treatment plan that’s tailored to your needs.

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